MENDELU demonstrate their 1st prototype of VR flood visualisation

Following the success of our first demo session with #MCAST, we are thrilled to share another major leap in our journey at WATERLINE! 🌊

Team MENDELU has just presented the project's second VR demo, unveiling an incredibly versatile tool for visualizing flood models.

This groundbreaking tool promises to make flood model visualization accessible to all, ushering in a new era of understanding and preparedness. 🤯🌐 Team MENDELU are truly commendable, and their contribution adds a unique dimension to the WATERLINE project. 👏💡

What's especially intriguing is the adoption of the three-tiered Learning Environment approach within our project. 📚💻 This holistic method is shaping the future of water education, providing a comprehensive and immersive learning experience for all stakeholders involved. 🌐🌍

The WATERLINE project is funded from the European Union's Horizon Europe HORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ACCESS-05. 🌟 This support underscores the significance and potential impact of our endeavors in advancing water education and technology. 🌊💙

A big shout-out to everyone contributing to the success of the WATERLINE project. Your dedication is driving positive change in the realm of water education! 🙌🚀