DEU present VR application for learning about dam break

Exciting news from the third DEMO session as Team DEU unveils their stellar achievement in presenting the VR application prototype they developed within the WATERLINE project! 🎉💻

Hats off to Team DEU for their dedication and ingenuity in creating a cutting-edge VR application designed to elevate students' learning experiences. 🌐📘 The focus on flood wave propagation in the event of a sudden dam failure is a crucial step towards fostering a deeper understanding of water dynamics and safety measures. 🌊🌍

The WATERLINE project aims to revolutionize water education, through enhancing the learning journey for students. This will pave the way for a more informed and empowered generation of water professionals. 🚀🎓

A heartfelt congratulations to Team DEU for their outstanding work! 🏆👏 Your efforts resonate with the core objectives of the WATERLINE project, and we are thrilled to see such positive developments unfold. 🌟

Together, we are shaping the future of water education! 🌊💙 🚀