Exciting Times in the WATERLINE Universe!

Join us on this incredible journey

This morning marked a groundbreaking moment as the MCAST Team showcased the FIRST prototype of one of the Virtual Reality environments!

Step inside the future of DIGITAL WATER learning with a 3D twist! The first peek into our three-tier learning environments is a game-changer!


Witness the Future Unfold in Virtual Reality!

Get ready to be immersed in innovation, where education meets the extraordinary!

Our brilliant developers, Daren Scerri, Geoffrey Attard, Emman Nocilla, and Lisa Theuma, took the stage, delivering an awe-inspiring presentation that left us on the edge of our seats!


But wait, there's more! In the coming weeks, our incredible Czech, Turkish, and Serbian teams are gearing up to blow your minds with their own VR learning environments!

Share the excitement, spread the word, and let's collectively shape the digital future of water education!