📢 Exciting Times at University of Niš, Serbia! 📢

From May 8th to 9th, we conducted a highly productive Train the Trainers workshop at UNI, part of the WATERLINE Expert Visit initiative. The first day began with an insightful introduction to the workshop, followed by detailed discussions on Assisted Reality Technologies and their applications in WATERLINE. We delved into advanced techniques in VR UI development and participated in a hands-on demo of UNI's VR applications. The day concluded with a roundtable on potential development paths.


VR Testing

Group discussion

Lab experiment

On the second day, we tackled current development obstacles through a brainstorming session and worked collaboratively on refining level design and learning objectives. We ended with strategic discussions on conducting pilot testing. The collaborative spirit and innovative ideas shared during these sessions are paving the way for the future of digital water education. 💧✨